Nordic sports

Cross Country Skiing / Biathlon

Cross Country Skiing / Biathlon

<xml></xml> Cross-country skiing is currently experiencing a rebirth. The combination of harmonious endurance movement against the backdrop of an impressive winter landscape fits in very well with today’s concept of a sport that is eco-friendly and fosters the awareness of one’s own body and health. Whether you go for a classic technique or enjoy skating, you work out practically all the parts of the body without putting stress on your joints or wearing them out, which can be a result of jogging, for example.
For more than 35 years, Roeckl Sports has been closely associated with cross-country skiing and biathlon. Day in, day out – at Roeckl Sports everything revolves solely around designing the ideal sports glove. We equip top athletes from over 30 national teams and the DSV (German Ski Association). The continual development of our products and our intensive partnerships with athletes feed directly into our product line designed for amateur sports enthusiasts.


This group contains all unisex models from the beginner's model to the top models. From size 6 or 6.5 to size 8, the cut is adjusted to the anatomy of the female hand. Above size 8.5, the cut is adjusted to the anatomy of the male hand.


This group includes all models that are specifically designed to meet women's needs and cut according to the anatomy of the female hand.


This group contains all children's gloves. The models are specifically designed to meet the kids' needs in terms of fit and design.