Care instructions

Machine wash

Roeckl textile gloves can be machine washed at 86° Fahrenheit. Do not add fabric softener or chlorine bleach.
To prevent fraying, close the Velcro fasteners firmly before washing. If the gloves are washed together with delicates, please enclose the gloves in a garment bag.
Press out the water from the finger tips to the wrist. Do not wring dry!
Allow to dry with the finger tips pointing upwards.

Hand wash

Please wash leather gloves or gloves with leather palms by hand in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent. Wrap the wet gloves in a dry towel and press out the water.
Please allow to air-dry; do not dry on a heater or in the sun.
When the gloves are partially dry, put them on and make a fist to restore the original shape. Put on the gloves again when fully-dried and knead them until soft. Treat with a leather care product if necessary.


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