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Nordic Walking

The general public has recognized that Nordic Walking is a great way to work out at a high fitness level. Nordic Walking has also been proven to be extremely healthy. It is full-body training in which weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire body and a lot of energy is consumed and fat burnt, which increases endurance and loosens the muscles.

It is our passion to provide sportsmen and sportswomen with the perfect glove to pursue their sport and make a small contribution to more comfortable Nordic Walking. So we have invested our decades of experience, particularly in cross-country skiing, a sister of Nordic Walking, in the development of our Nordic Walking gloves.


This group contains all summer gloves from the beginner's model to top models. From size 6 or 6.5 to size 8, the cut is adjusted according to the female hand, and above size 8.5 is based on the anatomy of the male hand.


This group contains all winter gloves for Nordic Walking.  From size 6 or 6.5 to size 8, the cut is designed for the female hand and above size 8.5, cut specifically for the male hand.